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From the Pastor


   We are transformed by God.  It isn’t as if we take some Jesus cream and apply it to our lives.  We are transformed by God through Christ and led by the Holy Spirit to new life and new ways of being.  Let’s show it in how we live, talk with each other and others.  Let us respect one another completely.  Let us love as we have been loved. Let us be radical disciples of Jesus Christ.

   As we are midst of Lent, we need to be preparing for the celebration of Easter.  Let me encourage you not to focus so much on the candy, egg dying  or Easter presents, there is a reason the chocolate bunnies are empty.  Hollow bunnies are not what Easter is about.  Christ is!

   Whether you have a church home, faith community, with Beach Lake United Methodist Church or no church home, come to be part of a transformed and transforming community of faith.  Come not only on April 16th for Easter celebrations: 6:15 am outside the church building for sunrise (followed by a free buffet breakfast); 7:55 Alive! at 7:55 AM; and 10:15 AM.  Come any Sunday.  Come on Fridays from 6:30-8 pm through April 7th for prayer stations – self guided time of meditation and prayer.

   Please be in prayer for our communities and please be in prayer for Annual Conference which will be May 4,5,6 in Hershey PA.

  Philippians 1:6 Common English Bible (CEB) 6 I’m sure about this: the one who started a good work in you will stay with you to complete the job by the day of Christ Jesus. 

  God bless you,

   Pastor Barbara