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From the Pastor

“Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” – I Corinthians 15:55 

Don’t you just love Spring? I do. I love to watch as the cold and snow of Winter subsides and the green and colors and sounds of Spring burst forth into life. It reminds me of the promise in Christ. Jesus died. His life was ended. He was buried in the cold of the tomb. But He Lives!. The cold of the tomb subsides and the colors of new life and the sound of new hope spring forth in his resurrection. This speaks to us when we are cold and wintry in our hearts because of sin that calls us away from our true life in God. In Jesus we are promised new life - resurrection - that we may not be wintry but burst forth into life. 

The promise of resurrection lies in the power of life over death, light over darkness, love over evil. We now celebrate Easter. This is the Festival of the Pashcal Lamb. Jesus died. He was humiliated, mocked, beaten, scourged, and sent to Golgotha to be crucified, where he perished. But death could not hold him. Evil could not keep him at bay. Darkness could not extinguish his light. Christ is Risen and in his new life we are made new in him. We are raised with him. We know new life that infuses our hearts and faith to live for more than the boundaries and limits of earthly life give to us. In Jesus we are alive so that we can live for God, no matter how bad things may get, and depend, not on ourselves, but on our life and hope in Christ. If this did not happen, if Jesus had not died and been raised, we would only turn to ourselves for comfort and love and peace, which we would never find. But because Jesus died and has risen death has no victory, and no sting, for those who live knowing in our hearts that Jesus is alive, and we are comforted, given purpose, and moved to live for him in the life he gives to us daily.   

Spring has come in Jesus and in his new life we live. Don’t let the darkness of a world that is full of uncertainty and death hold you back. Put your hands into his hands, your heart in his heart, and live! Burst forth in joy for the Savior who gives you life that by your faith you can be risen in the power of his new life in Jesus the Resurrected!

May Your Easter be Blessed. May you be filled in the new life and new hope you know in our Risen Savior! 

Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Jim