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From the Pastor


  I pray all is well for you.  I pray for you and I pray you are praying for myself, the leadership in the local church and beyond.  I am writing this on the first sunny day we’ve had in many days.  I am enjoying looking out the window and seeing green leaves and blue sky.  I pray you are able to take time to appreciate this incredible place and world with which God has gifted us.

  Thank you for your continued prayer as I work toward the Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Direction.  I am learning so much and have already been using skills and ideas from classes and readings in worship, meetings and other interactions.  I do want to repeat that there is no expectation or obligation for the congregation to support my education financially. 

  Amazing work has been done in terms of the replacement of the old playground.  Thank you!  The children and families of the community will be blessed by your generous hearts.  More information will be coming out from Aaron LeClere regarding the deconstruction of the current playground and the installation of the new playground.

  There is an article in this newsletter regarding the decisions of the United Methodist Church Special General Conference in February 2019 and the Judicial Council Rulings from April 2019.  I will include some internet links for you to check out as there is not enough room in a newsletter to cover all the information.

   The camps will soon be in session and folks will soon be at the various resorts and vacation spots.  Please consider these folks, but also consider those who are in the community year-round who need to know who God is and how this congregational community is reaching out with God’s love to them.


 Pastor Barbara