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From the Pastor


   How is it with your soul?  As we continue through Lent, I am praying that each of us is focused on God’s great love.  We are preparing our lives by doing some Spring cleaning and reorienting ourselves toward God.  Perhaps you have given something up or added something which will draw you closer to the source of life and love, God.  We need to share a life in community.  Worship opportunities are every week to participate in community and serve.  

   You have probably seen media coverage of the events and decisions made at the General Conference of the United Methodist Church, held in February of this year.  The General Conference actions have many implications.  However, until the Judicial Council reviews the actions much later this month, we do not know what will happen.

   For now, please keep praying.  The worldwide United Methodist Church, including this local congregation, have people within the professing membership and those who participate in worship who have strong opinions about human sexuality all across the spectrum.  Let us remember to love one another as Christ loves us, whether we agree with one another or not.  This is true in all areas of life, not only human sexuality.

   Please save the date of May 5, a Sunday, when the Bishop and the leaders of the Susquehanna Annual Conference will have more information for all of us which will be available on your computer or in centralized areas.

May God be with everyone,

Pastor Barbara