The Family Connections Committee

Our purpose is to draw our church family into ever growing and love-filled relationships with each other AND our community.


  1. Touching hearts with love and encouragement through the Ministry Of Greeting Cards through the hands and heart of Irma Sheard.
  2. The “passion to feed the hungry” through donations to the Honesdale Ministerium has been Rose and Roger Branning for over 10 years. (Rose has now graduated to heaven).
  3. Paul and Lori Van Horn have taken up that ministry for the Lord.
  4. Karen and Bob Hoffman, and committee, with God’s blessings have grown the Gospel Concerts from 25 people attending from our church to about 110 attending from up to 30 area churches. After about 8 years the baton has now been handed off to a new younger ministry group.
  5. The “Community Message Sign” roadside in front of the church has been the joyful ministry of Bob Hoffman.  A wonderful opportunity to lift up passerbys!
  6. The beach Lake Community Garden is a ministry begun about 7 years ago as a place and activity where community families can come in contact with Christians enjoying and appreciating God’s creation. While providing lots of exercise and good vegetables, it also provides for great social interaction and practical “God lessons” in the garden.
  7. Family Connections also over sees the phone and email prayer chains.  Currently, Irma Sheard heads the phone prayer chain and Karen Hoffman sends out the email prayer chain.  Prayer is one of God’s most powerful method of communications! 
  8. Every Sunday at 7 A.M. a small prayer group prays intercessory prayers, pray with the pastor and with the 7:55 A.M. Praise and Worship Leaders for all of God’s blessings. A privilege and blessing for all.

Family Connections Team:

Co-Chairs: Karen Hoffman & Bob Hoffman 729-8207 

Cards: Irma Sheard 

Joan Winters