From the Pastor

“All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit gave them ability.” – Acts 2:4 

“Ability: A talent, skill. or proficiency in a particular area.” Being able to do certain things. We all have abilities. Some can sing. Some can write. Some can work in mechanics. Some can lead. But all of us have some ability to do something. But where do these abilities come from? How are we endowed, each of us, with whatever it is, we have the ability to do?

The writer of Acts answers that question. As the disciples celebrated the Festival of Weeks, later known as Pentecost, they gathered in one place and suddenly were taken by the Holy Spirit. They felt the rush of wind, and each had a tongue of fire touching them. They began to speak the languages of all the known world of that region about God’s deeds of power. The Spirit gave them the ability to do this. They were filled in the Spirit to boldly go into the streets, despite the danger they put themselves in at the hands of the Temple and Roman officials, and proclaimed, in ways that everyone could understand, what God was doing. 

But this was their experience of the Holy Spirit. What abilities do we receive? In what ways does the Spirit speak to our hearts, fill our souls, and move us to not only speak, but live and act in God’s deeds of power? For some this means a choice for a life of ordained or licensed ministry. Not everyone is chosen this way. But we all are a called to minister in Jesus’ name. The Spirit gives us each an ability or abilities to proclaim the Good News of Christ to the world and witness, in word, in deed, in how we live for God, that Christ lives, and, in his resurrection, all can live too!    

What ability or abilities is the Spirit calling you to in your personal faith, your life in the church, and out in the community? Listen, discern, and open your heart to the Spirit to receive every ability to bring the Good News of Jesus to the world. 

May the Spirit fil you at Pentecost that you can celebrate Christ in your faith and life in God!

Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Jim