From the Pastor

“Instead, strive for his kingdom, and all these things will be given to you as well.” – Luke 12:31

Wouldn’t it be nice to find blessings every day? To know that we are given everything we need, gifted with God’s love and hope and peace each day, and receive blessings in God to keep us from worry and strife over what we don’t have. When I was kid, my mom and dad lived modestly. They never overindulged my siblings and me. Sometimes we got what we asked for and sometimes we didn’t. The kids in our school who were more well off, or maybe so we thought, got everything they wanted. All the new styles, toys, gadgets and so on. We felt like they were blessed because they had all the good stuff.

Little did we know that true blessings came with giving. They came with striving for God and his kingdom. Everything else would follow, and blessings would abound, if we look to God and sought to give God everything. How true now. The ‘all these things’ that Jesus speaks of here are all the everyday things we need to survive. They are clothing we wear and food we eat. Jesus tells them not worry. If God feeds ravens and clothes flowers then God will provide for his children who believe and follow him. We are blessed in the way we give to God and for God so that by giving we are living as blessings for God Giving is so important.

Right now, Beach Lake UMC is facing a financial crisis. We are running below par in our building fund and in our general fund. Many of you, last November, made pledges to give. I am sure that you are keeping up with these pledges. But let me remind you that this commitment is very important. I don’t like to talk about money. I would rather speak about hope and love and peace. But, we cannot know blessings, like these, until we are blessing others and are a blessing to our church. If you are keeping up with what you pledged this past November, I am asking if you can give a little more, especially to our building fund and our general fund. We need to keep these up so that we can have the resources we need to do ministry here. If you are not keeping up your pledge, for whatever reason, I ask that you please try to keep your commitment as a blessing to this church. If you can’t keep the whole pledge, could you consider starting slowly, and building up to giving as much as you feel comfortable. Your pledges are important, and we all need to keep up with our commitment to God and to our church.

God provides the resources. But, we need to be blessings that give and not worry about whether we can survive in this world. God provides, and we need to receive his blessing to be a blessing for our God, in our world, and to our church.

Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Jim